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Variety – The Children’s Charity

It’s late 1927 in Pittsburgh and 11 close friends have organized a social club where they could relax and unwind with good company after they’d finished their day’s work.  They decided their new Club’s main principle would simply be “friendship”.  Since the original group came from show business, they decided to call themselves “The Variety Club” and they rented a space in a local hotel for their use.

Just over one year later, on Christmas Eve, a baby was left abandoned in a nearby theatre, a theatre which happened to be owned by one of the members of the Variety Club, with a note pinned to her little dress.

 The note read:

“Please take care of my baby.  Her name is Catherine.  I can no longer take care of her.  I have eight others.  My husband is out of work.  She was born on Thanksgiving Day.  I have always heard of the goodness of show business people and I pray to God that you will look out for her.”

After extensive efforts to locate Catherine’s family proved fruitless, the fledgling Variety Club decided they had to act on her behalf and became her “godfathers” and looked after her support and education.  She was named Catherine Variety Sheridan (she was found in the Sheridan Theatre).

The Variety Club found a new meaning for its existence and, due to the ensuing media attention, interest in helping Catherine grew into a nation-wide organization whose charity was far exceeding the needs of just one child.  Therefore, it was decided that the now much larger Variety Club would work for the benefit of other children in need.

Now known as Variety – the Children’s Charity, this movement has grown to more than 40 Chapters around the world with thousands of dedicated volunteers.  In the past 80 years, Variety has raised over $1.5 billion for children and their families who are in dire need of assistance.

British Columbia’s Chapter was established in 1965 and has raised over $170 million on behalf of children of BC.


“I look after a lot of members in a very big plant. For years I had to fight for them by myself with no help at all from any of the Union’s representatives or Officers. This changed completely once Bobby, Bob and Paul were in office. Now I have access to my reps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  They’re always there to back me up.” 

- Darrell Lawres – Chief Shop Steward. Saputo, Sperling
- Dave S

“They have demonstrated the dedication and leadership that
our Local requires. They have always provided sound counsel, support, and frank
discussion on matters involving the members, contract negotiations and our

- Bruce Tillapaugh –Shop Steward. Island Farms, Victoria