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Does Local 464 have a toll free phone number?

• Yes, call 1-888-337-3338.

What are my Union dues used for?

Your dues are used for many things including:

* Organizing expenses

* Legal fees associated with running the Local

* Training

* Negotiation of your Collective Agreement

* Training of your Shop Stewards

* Recruitment of new members

* Your strike fund

* Communication with members

* Organization of meetings allowing Teamsters to present ideas and views to companies

How are dues calculated?

Teamsters Union dues are 2.5 times the hourly wage rate plus two dollars [for the strike fund] per month.  However, if you make less than $11 an hour, then your dues rate is 2 times your hourly rate plus two dollars.

How does the Union work out problems with management?

Conflicts are worked out through the grievance procedure. Your Collective Agreement spells out what the grievance procedures are for your work place and explains how conflicts are resolved.

How do I get a copy of my Collective Agreement?

There are several sources for your Collective Agreement: your employer and Shop Steward should have a copy of your Agreement or you can contact the Union office and we will provide you with a copy. 

What kind of say do I get in the contract?

Before contract talks start, the Union asks you what you’d like to see in a contract. Once the contract has been negotiated, it’s submitted to you and your coworkers for ratification.

Who qualifies for reduced dues and how do I apply for them?

Reduced dues are granted on request from members who are off sick for an extended period, but not receiving Workers Compensation payments. Dues will be reduced to half the usual rate plus two dollars [for the strike fund] the month following the request. [Click here to request reduced dues]

When requesting reduced dues we need your first and last name, the company you work for and date of the last day you worked. It would also be helpful if you could let us know how long you believe you will be off for.

What is a Withdrawal Card and how do I get one?

It is important to ask for a Withdrawal Card from the Local Union if you do not work and are not being paid by your Employer.  This applies if you terminate your employment or are laid off.

Members must request a Withdrawal Card. Failure to request a Withdrawal Card will make you responsible for all back dues and possibly a re-initiation fee.

Your request should be submitted before the end of the month in which you last worked. A Withdrawal Card allows a member to maintain membership on an inactive basis. In other words, you will not owe Union dues for any months you did not work after you obtain the Withdrawal Card. Additionally; this allows you to avoid paying a re-initiation fee when you return to employment. [Click here to request a Withdrawal Card]

When requesting a Withdrawal Card please provide us with your Social Insurance number, first and last name, the company you work for and the date of the last day you worked.

What is the Death Benefit and how do I apply or change my beneficiary?

Active, dues paying members of Teamsters 464  are covered by a $2000.00 death benefit. This benefit is paid to the named beneficiary were the member to die while still actively employed. It is important to keep the name of your beneficiary up to date. If you get married, divorced or have children you may want to update your beneficiary [Click here to update your beneficiary].

I am retiring soon, why do I need to contact the Union?

Congratulations! Contact our office so we can send out your Withdrawal Card. [Click here to notify us]

BC FORUM, the BC Federation of Retired Union members, offers advocacy and support as well as benefit plans for retired union workers.


“I look after a lot of members in a very big plant. For years I had to fight for them by myself with no help at all from any of the Union’s representatives or Officers. This changed completely once Bobby, Bob and Paul were in office. Now I have access to my reps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  They’re always there to back me up.” 

- Darrell Lawres – Chief Shop Steward. Saputo, Sperling

"I have been a member of Teamsters Local 464 for 23 years and have seen many of the executives come and go. Some of the previous executives nearly ran the Local into bankruptcy including losing our pension.  Bobby Kornhass, Bob Ryder and Paul Barton brought us back from the brink. Since they took over in 2000, we at Dairyland (Saputo) have had the best contracts I have seen since I have been there."

- Randy Onyschak

"I was there when we brought the Union in. The first-time contract they won for us was unbelievable. It changed the quality of my life. I am now a Shop Steward and enjoy working with my Union and looking after my fellow workers. "

- Paul Landrecht - Shop Steward. Island Farms Dairy.