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Reminder of Deadline for Scholarship Applications : The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

This is a reminder that the deadline for all applications is March 31, 2018. Due to the increase in number of applications, the Fund chose to have ISTS administer the application process this year. The ISTS system is completely online and you can access this through the Fund’s website: 

If you have questions you may access the Fund’s website and view the Frequently Asked Questions section by clicking here.

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"I was there when we brought the Union in. The first-time contract they won for us was unbelievable. It changed the quality of my life. I am now a Shop Steward and enjoy working with my Union and looking after my fellow workers. "

- Paul Landrecht - Shop Steward. Island Farms Dairy.
- Dave S

"I was a Shop Steward and was also on the contract negotiation team. The Union took the time and trouble to learn all about our industry and what we do. This means they are better able to fight for us whether it is on the job or at the bargaining table. We have the best contract in our industry. Thanks guys!"

- Gerald Price - Agrifoods