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Local Union

Local Union: A union organization formed under the constitution of a national or parent union. Local 464 is under Teamsters Canada and The International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Local Unions such as 464 have their own bylaws and elect their own Officers.


- Dave S

“They have demonstrated the dedication and leadership that
our Local requires. They have always provided sound counsel, support, and frank
discussion on matters involving the members, contract negotiations and our

- Bruce Tillapaugh –Shop Steward. Island Farms, Victoria

"I was a Shop Steward and was also on the contract negotiation team. The Union took the time and trouble to learn all about our industry and what we do. This means they are better able to fight for us whether it is on the job or at the bargaining table. We have the best contract in our industry. Thanks guys!"

- Gerald Price - Agrifoods